A Day at Shetek, SOS Edition: Dance & Week in Review

This is a special edition of A Day at Shetek for SOS Week. All this week, we will publish a post a day. This post talks about Thursday night’s dance, and wraps up with a “Week in Review” portion.

A dance happened yesterday (Thursday) night, and the campers had a great time. People danced to line dances such as “The Cupid Shuffle,” to more traditional dancing songs, such as the staff favorite, “Call Me Maybe,” and other songs yet were danced to, such as “The Ring of Fire.” It was a great time for everyone. Here are some pictures of some of the people having fun.




This week has been a great one, full of memories. Some people had trouble with their food, or complained about a couple small things, but overall, the campers, the Agape, and the staff are all happy with how the week went.

Be sure to look at the other posts from this week for our review. They are all put in the category called “SOS,” which you can find a link to at the bottom.

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