A Day at Shetek, SOS Edition: Agape Training for SOS Week

This is a special edition of A Day at Shetek for SOS Week. All this week, we will publish a post a day. Today’s post discusses Agape training.

“Agape.” It’s a word from Greek that means “unconditional love” (or, the love that God gives). That is definitely one of the things that the Agape for SOS week are asked to do for the campers. Agape are given the job of looking after disabled campers during SOS week. Some are one-on-one with their campers, while others have more than one.

Training for these great assistants to the week started earlier today. The day started off at about 2:30pm, and is still going. We have had some short seminars on what to do for certain kinds of campers, followed by a debriefing on which campers have which traits, and are now winding down for the night by watching a movie (Radio).

In the morning, we will start meeting our campers, and the fun will begin. Until then, here are some pictures of the Agape in some training sessions.




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