Time-Out aka Retreat

With the end of Day lights savings time this past weekend, time has been on the forefront of my brain. Recently I was hanging out with a group of 1st graders at an area congregation. There weren’t enough chairs around the table we were gathered at so I grabbed a chair from a nearby corner and sat down. In a taunting voice, a little boy said “You’re in the time-out chair”. Time-outs certainly don’t have the greatest reputation when you are in first grade, but I think adults (and I would say even kids ) need a time-out of a different sort every once and a while.

 Time-outs are about recomposing yourself and taking some time to just be. Time-outs allow us to think about our actions and attitudes and give perspective on a situation. In this sense, time-outs sound kind of like what it means to go on retreat.  As we approach chillier temps and November sets in, retreat season is in full foce at SLM. Youth and adults alike come to camp and take a “time-out” from everyday life.  Here people can simply rest in God’s presence and leave refreshed and renewed to go back to the pieces of their everyday life. I recently read a great post from Paul Hill, Vibrant Faith’s executive director,  which asks the question “Did Jesus ever get on that retreat?” and points to how outdoor ministries play a role in retreat ministry.

Maybe you can join us for a retreat this winter and take some time to just be and in this stillness be renewed by the Spirit.  In your everyday life, how do you take a “time-out” in which you are renewed by the Spirit?

<><  Kristin (Program Director)

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